Wednesday, December 12, 2012

El Nido Tour A

Happy 12-12-12! Happy Birthday to Me!


Day III: El Nido Tour B 

My 2nd time celebrated my Birthday in Palawan, Last Year was in Coron...I envied Ann D's celebration of her Birthday here in El Nido. (Hehe! Inggitero lang)

El Nido Tour A (Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon,Shimizu Island, Big Lagoon,Seven Commando Beach)
     *Booked Tour A (Best Seller Tour) c/o Servant Tours-Along Rizal Street cor Hama +639154157245/ +639178088599/ 9:00AM to 4:30 PM –Free Usage of Fins, Snorkeling Mask , Life Jackets and Lunch (Provide your Own Drinks)

Woke up 7AM.Coffee and Photo-Op at Alternative Inn. Breakfast at Skyline Grill (Budget Meal)

Good Morning El Nido!

Alternative Inn (Bird's Nest)

For Partners?

By 9 AM- Assembly Time at Servant Tours along Rizal Street

    *Eco-Tourism Development Fee (Valid for 10 days).Be sure to keep it, and present it on your next Tours C,B,D and Inland Tours.

9.30 AM –Departure from El Nido Town Proper( Brgy. Buena Suerte)
     *Group of 3 Couples (All Pinoys- "Iwas Nosebleed!"), Me and 3 Guides
     *Guides of Servant Tours ( James,Junjun and Kapitan)
     *Opening (Dos and Donts/ SOPs/El Nido History background)
In Short,"Take nothing but Pictures, Leave nothing but Footprints, Kill nothing but Time”

My Newly Found Friends
1st Stop: Small Lagoon (One of my Favorites/ Will Pass Miniloc Island and Resort)
     *Bring your underwater camera
     *Will swim to enter the lagoon for 200M (Don’t Worry there are stopovers- Rest Area)
     *Wear your Aqua Shoes, Fins and the like.You can never tell if sea urchins,rough stones are within the area.

One of the High End Resorts in El Nido
Stopover from the Entrance

Long Way to Go

Swim. Swim. Swim to reach the Small Cave
Before entering the small cave, there’s another stopover.Waiting for our group’s turn to enter. 

Strike 1: Got Stung by a Loner, Lurking, Loser Sea Urchin (Hehe)!One of the guides, James apologized and very concerned.They were also surprised how come there's a sea urchin in a lagoon.
Here are my concerns, Will I be poison? Will have  fever?  Numb my legs? Will I Die?... Junjun  replied “Yes! Killing you slowly” in Filipino. No! It will hurt for a couple of Hours and the spines will stay there for 3 days”.! I  Don’t want to spoil the tour, I replied “ Ah..I see! Continue with the tour” and it was our group’s turn to enter the cave.

Still Smiling as If Nothing Happened


Back to the Boat,checked my right foot. Thank God! It was only 11 small spines, Others suggested the best solution is Urine, I cracked a joke to my groupmates” Please Donate Urine for a Cause(Hehehe)”
It hurts a little but our guide made a remedy (I soaked my right foot to a pail of hot/luke warm water they got near the boat engine). Charan! It eased the pain!

Connect the Dots

Ooohh! Relieving!
So much of that! What a Birthday Present and Experience! (Hehehe)

2nd Stop: Secret Lagoon ( One of my Favorites)
     *We were advised just to bring our underwater cameras only. Wear your aqua shoes,slippers, because of stony surfaces. Don’t worry the guides will help you!
Strike 2: I lose my balance! “Lampa”.Pak, Got a Souvenir on my Left Knee!
     *We have to enter a small passage going to the secret lagoon, One by one. Of course, our friendly guides did a demo first how to enter smoothly.
     *And afterwards we went to this beautiful “ forgot the name-private owned” beach  (Survivor: Sweden Council ,Voting and EvictionArea)


Come on ! Eugene! You can Do it!
My Tour A Group (Class Picture)

Survivor Sweden (Eviction Area)

Bonus Stop: Snorkeling Area (a Freebie Tour)
* My groupmates were very busy snorkeling, I had so much of that in Coron, Philippines! Im busy  swimming using my fins, and I was amazed that I’m moving fast (Hehehe..Sorry! 1st Timer lang)

My 1st time to use this! Amazing!

El Capitan

Flower Corals?
3rd Stop: Shimizu Beach (named after a Japanese Diver died  within this Island. How? Drowned!)
     *Lunch Area for all Tour A tourists. Our guides busy preparing our food. Stayed for 2 Hours
    * I was so amazed how ours and other guides prepared the food. Did they take any formal Hotel and Restaurant Management or Culinary Courses. From Food Carvings, Food Preparation etc. WOW! Hats offKuya Guides of El Nido!




B.S  H.R.M





Happy Birthday to Me!

Kayo Na! (Quality Time)

Wanted: Travel Partner? (Hehe)

4th Stop: Big Lagoon ( Just a Rolling Tour)
     *Not advisable to swim, very deep and they don’t know who are the residents and  lurkers underwater.
KB. I envy your pose  (Hehehe)

Before entering the Big Lagoon

Entering the Big Lagoon

Look for  Mother Mary's Image?




Waah.. Emote!

Exiting the Big Lagoon


5th Stop: Seven Commando Beach (named after the Seven American Soldiers survivors in this Island)
     *Last Stop of every group (Tour A).There are Sari-Sari stores selling Beers, Buko Juices, Coffee and etc
     *A little bit crowded but the beach is astonishing, One of the Best. Didn't get any good pictures of this beach, coz it rained!



Back to the Port. Bade Farewell and Thanked our Guides, James, Junjun and Kapitan of Servant Tours and to my newly found friends. See you soon and keep in touch through Facebook.

What a Celebration of my Birthday! Thank You Lord for the  Gift of Nature. I Love Palawan!

Back to Hotel. Freshen Up. Booked my Tour C (c/o ServantTours again).Dinner at IBR. Sleep

Expenses for the Day

Tour C (c/o Servant Tours)- P800 (Discounted P100)
Coffee (Alternative Inn)- P60
Breakfast (Skyline Grill)- P65
Mineral Water(1.5L)- P30
Dinner (IBR) - P100

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  1. nice blog. you've got great pics and adventures. thanks for sharing. i loved the pics of food prepared by the pinoy "chefs".

    1. hi jet, thanks much for dropping by! yup...i forgot calling them chefs. :-)

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  4. I like this post. :)

    Following you on my account. I hope you check out my girly blog in return or the best would be to follow back. haha!

    I am going to EL NIDO in December. :) After getting married. YES HONEYMOON etow with my soon to be Husband! ;)

    Noted lahat ng tips. Thank you.

    1. thank you debbie. sure i will! thanks for dropping by!



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